PARC ART GALLERY Artist Information

The PARC Art Gallery was created by artists so that local artists can directly connect with the community at large. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to show off your art at PARC!

PARC Art Gallery is not a juried show. (We reserve the right to decline any work based on our family friendly rules.) Our show rotates every 2 months. We accept both 2D and 3D art.) The gallery includes 2 well-lighted and locked display cases for 3D art.


Participation is open to all artists ages 18+ who live or work in the Michigan counties of Wayne, Oakland, or Washtenaw. All artwork must be original and in its original form. Fine-art photography is welcome. Works must have been independently completed (without instruction) within the last 3 years.

Artwork Requirements

PARC supports all expressions and mediums of art. Because our facility serves all ages, toddlers to adults, PARC has the discretion to decline submissions so that it can ensure a safe, family-friendly venue. Artwork previously shown at PARC may not be entered again.

All work must be:

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Completely dry.
  • Able to hang with a wire. No exceptions (no clips or saw-tooth hangers).
  • Professionally finished with a frame and/or have finished/painted edges. Nails and staples should not be visible.
  • Labeled on the back. The label should include your name, title of the piece, and contact information.
  • Comply with the below dimensions and weight requirements.
    • Hanging Artwork:
      • We can accommodate 3 large pieces of artwork per show. Large pieces (30 inches or more) must not exceed 40 pounds or exceed 4 ft. 6 inches wide by 6 ft. high.
      • Medium to small size hanging artwork must not exceed 20 pounds or be wider than 29 inches.
  • 3D artwork must not exceed 100 lbs. All work must be freestanding. There are a variety of pedestal sizes. The largest pedestals are 16” wide by 10” deep and 12” wide by 12” deep.

Image files should be 1200 dpi on the longest side and no larger than 2mbs.

Entry Fees

The non-refundable, $30 entry fee covers the administrative fees for the exhibit. It allows an artist to enter up to 3 pieces. We may or may not display all your work.

Payments are accepted electronically via the EntryThingy submission process.

For 3D work, there is an option to reserve an entire display case for $50. If you want to use an entire display case, contact before you make payment. There are 2 lighted and locked display cases that are each 11 feet 8 inches wide by 42 inches high and 14.5 inches deep. Depending on the size of the pieces, one display can hold up to 15 pieces. All work must be freestanding.

There is a $10 penalty PER DAY for each piece that is not picked up at the agreed upon time.

Delivery & Pick up

Hanging and removal of art must take place during the agreed upon day and time. You, or your representative, can only remove your art immediately before a new show. We don’t want to have a heart attack because your artwork is missing nor do we want boring spots. If a work sells, the buyer may take the piece after it is replaced with another piece. You may replace your sold work, or ask the coordinator to find a replacement piece. After the replacement piece is on display, the buyer may take your artwork.

This is a high-traffic area so that your art can be seen by as many people as possible. The agreed upon times are selected to avoid interfering with normal operations and/or crowds.

In case of emergency, please immediately contact one of the coordinators at


PARC is happy to provide a venue to promote the arts. PARC does not want a commission nor will PARC participate in any sale.

All artists must provide their contact information and work directly with interested buyers. PARC will provide title cards for your art, which will include all your purchase information.

If a work sells, the buyer may not take the piece until it is replaced with another piece. You may replace the sold artwork or ask the coordinator to find a replacement piece. After the replacement piece is on display, the buyer may take your artwork.


PARC will take reasonable care to protect your original artwork. However, PARC its members, volunteers or anyone connected with the exhibition are not responsible for loss and damage. Artists waive all rights to damages and it is your responsibility to insure your own work.

Rights and Reproductions

We reserve the right to use your entry photos to share and promote the exhibit.

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