Aquatics Programs

Due to restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, PARC Aquatics Programs are temporarily suspended until further notice.

What Makes Us Different

  • We have certified staff that provides high-quality swim lessons and workout classes.
  • Max 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • 40 Minute lessons compared to 30 minutes which provides more learning for every swimmer!
  • 85 Degree Pool
  • No breaks in-between sessions for better and quicker progression.
  • We also offer one-on-one instruction for children and adults to fit your needs.
  • We prepare all swimmers to be safe around all bodies of water and have lessons that will prepare swimmers to join a swim team!

Swimming Lessons / Stroke Development

We offer progressive and effective learn-to-swim courses in addition to stroke analysis and development courses for recreational, competitive in both group and private sessions.

What Level Should I Register For?

Adult-Only Swim Lessons

We offer progressive and effective learn-to-swim programs for adults. We focus on stroke analysis and development for beginners, intermediate, seniors. and master level swimmers. We offer both group lessons and private instruction.


We also offer fitness classes. This includes Masters (Lap Swimming), water aerobic based classes, and interval training. These classes help build muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardio, and flexibility. All levels are welcome and instructors will work with you individually to fit your needs and abilities in order for you to reach your goals.

Drop-in: $7.00 per class

Purchase a Punch Card on MINDBODY – $60 for 10 punch card

Click to View: Adult Fitness Class Schedule/ Masters Schedule

Take a Class: 20% Off for New Clients

Board-Based Fitness

Let’s shake things up! We are all about creating new ways to be active and getting away from traditional workouts to challenge our bodies!

Every exercise on the board is designed to enable your core and stabilizer muscles and shock the system to create real change inside as well as out. Everything we do daily stems from us having a strong core. We want to help you either create or keep a healthy core!

Progression is the name of the game in our board classes. You will find that yes, each class will challenge you but even during your first class, you will notice the moves get progressively easier. Each class will feel a little easier as you get stronger!

Each session on the board makes every muscle fire- even ones you’ve never felt before! These tiny little stabilizer muscles are what give your muscle groups the shape and tone they have. We work on making those stronger!

Call 734-927-4095 or Click Here to Find a Class

High Tide

High Tide is our newest class here at PARC Aquatics! It is the first of its kind in the area!

Challenge your body with high-intensity interval training. Strengthen your entire body by working for all major muscle groups and building your endurance though cardio-based moves. Every move also forces your stabilizer muscles to fire which improves your core strength and balance. This is a super-efficient way to rev up the metabolism and torch body fat!

Check out a preview of a class here!

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Low Tide

Total body workout that creates longer, leaner, and stronger muscles throughout the whole body. We do this by holding yoga-like poses to target both muscles and joints which makes us more mobile and flexible. This also helps improve our balance and coordinator and build/maintain a healthy core and back.

A great class to have after taking High Tide or another fitness class. It helps stretch out our muscles and distress and relax.

Open Swim

Open swim is provided throughout the week for you to come to enjoy the pool with friends and family!

Drop-in: $6.00 per person

$50 for 10 punch card

Open Swim Schedule

Purchase a Punch Card Here

Pool Rental/ Birthday Parties

A birthday party, family party, or school event coming up? Does your group need to train at a pool? Book with us and we will be sure you and your guests will never forget it! We take care of all the details, set up, and clean up!

Your party can include 24 guests or less and we will have highly-trained lifeguards to help with your event. If you’d like to have more than 24 guests, let us know and we will plan on having another lifeguard for you!

Party Package Includes:

  • 2-hour time slot: 1 hour of private access to the pool followed by 1 hour of your own private party room!
  • Highly-trained certified lifeguards to oversee pool activities
  • Pizza & Drinks
  • Forks, napkins, cups, plates, and table coverings

We do require a non-refundable deposit to hold the time-slot for any party. For safety considerations, if a child can not swim independently, we require an adult to be in the pool with them.

Contact us for additional information:

Our Instructors

All of the instructors are trained through our swim program. They train for over 30 hours with our program in addition to lifeguard training. They are all patient and passionate about teaching children and adults.

Our mission is to provide effective, fun, high quality, and affordable private and group lessons. Our instructors must understand the concepts behind proper stroke mechanics and must have the ability to connect with their students. The strength in our program lies within our specially talented staff members. They are what make our program. Our goal in every lesson is to have fun and teach our members how to swim. We know that you will enjoy working with our staff.

We are devoted to ensuring we are offering the very best to our community. We also would like to know what our community would like to participate in. Please take a moment to let us hear from you (Less than 2 minutes!) PARC Aquatics Survey

Questions/Comments- Email us at


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